How a Phone Number Increases Trust – and Sales Conversions

An active phone number for your business may not seem very important in today’s digital
marketplace chock full of things like chatbots and more. However, nothing could be further
from the truth.

An article from Fourth Source, How a Phone Number Increases Your Website Conversions,
offers several compelling reasons why having an active phone number on a company website is
important. Not just for the customer but also in optimizing marketing campaigns.

According to the article, a phone number increases web conversions in the following ways:

  1. It increases credibility and trust
  2. It inspires instant communication
  3. It encourages and provides better customer service
  4. It improves local listings

    While it’s true that the digital experience is critical to the success of a business, the fact remains
    that communicating by voice is in many cases quicker, simpler and more effective. Further,
    having a phone number on your website can help boost your online visibility.


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