List Generation

Aside from immediate revenue opportunities, TTS campaigns are about the collection of multiple contact names, decision makers, influencers, environmental data, and opt in email addresses, as well as scrubbed and updated baseline data. Most TTS clients need high level proprietary data, and there is literally only one way to do it–via intelligent calling.

In many cases there is no better strategy for a client than to GENERATE a list from scratch using a method of research and calling to verify contacts and roles within the organization. TTS takes on a “Market Intelligence” role and has mapped up to 20 unique titles per division at some of the largest corporations in the world. TTS agents are trained to use a mixture of experience, Google searches, LinkedIN, Jigsaw, Hoovers, Yahoo Finance, and internal TTS databases to seek out specific targets, many of whom have unique titles that would otherwise not be found via traditional list query methods.