Generation After Generation: What to Know About Hiring a Lead Generation Specialist

Business to business lead generation is an essential part of many companies’ practices. Contrary to popular belief, it is not synonymous with sales calls. In fact, especially when it comes to business to business interactions, lead generation is more about advertising than sales, and cold calls are rarely involved. It’s a means to get clients introduced to a business they might not otherwise have looked into. As a representative from Tactical Telesolutions in San Francisco puts it,

“I tell prospects that we are very straightforward and that in truth we are not a sales call. We represent as being from marketing to reach out and determine if our solutions would be a good fit and that if so, we can get them scheduled with an expert to learn more. Also, business to business calling is different from what most people consider telemarketing as we are not bothering people at home, and we are very respectful of people’s time. We are very professional in our approach and do our utmost to protect our clients brand as for many prospects this may be the first time interacting with the company, so it is incumbent on us to provide the most professional and helpful manner in our communications.”

The idea is essentially to come up with creative ways to introduce customers to your product or company so that they will seek you out rather than purchasing a list of names and phone numbers and cold calling people ad nauseum. So with that being said, how do you determine if your business could benefit from hiring lead generators?