Customer Service for Healthcare and Technology Companies

TTS has a myriad of experiences dealing with member/ customer service. From taking inbound calls of members/customers regarding needs, questions, and concerns. Each program is developed and custom tailored to provide the best level of service for the customer and client.

Customer Service Experience/Abilities:

  • Applications used but not limited to:
    • EPIC
    • Oracle NetSuite
    • Zendesk
    • HubSpot
    • SharePoint
    • SFTP
  • Medical Program experience
    • Help Medical Staff manage appointments (ex. If a clinician calls out sick, we help alert and reschedule appointments)
    • Scheduling Medical appointments
    • Looking up existing appointments
    • Rescheduling appoints
    • Sending appointment reminders
    • Scheduling Video and In-Home and On-Site appointments
    • Discussing benefits with members
    • Providing services in language or through translators
    • Making Outbound Calls to Members
    • Managing inbound calls from members
    • Help with reporting and managing the list
  • General Customer Service
    • Explaining product/program features
    • Processing Quotes
    • Process orders
    • Process Refunds
    • Help with ship re-routing
    • Help with missing products
    • Processing to Accounts Receivable
    • Managing RMAs
    • Coordination with other divisions (ex. Installation team)
    • Handling customer complaints
    • Informing customer/members about program changes
    • Making Outbound Calls
    • Managing inbound calls
    • Working in customized environments including multiple systems including proprietary systems.
    • Work with clients on special requests from members/customers

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