Script Creation

Sample script documents are provided in pre-production of a campaign. We need qualification questions to identify if we have captured an A lead, B lead or C lead. What is most important is to identify the prospect’s pain in the beginning of the script. We don’t want to have an elevator pitch. Rather, explain briefly what you do or what you have to offer and why this can help with their particular pain.

Special offers or reasons why they should speak with you or meet with you is also beneficial but many of our clients don’t have this. They only have solutions to prospects’ pain points. TTS can write the script, if you can provide qualification questions and pain points.
We would also like FAQs and rebuttals if you happen to have this information. If not, we can develop this together.

  • TTS has developed a knowledge base comprising scripts and revisions since 1991, and this vast knowledge is utilized in the pre-production process.
  • To start, TTS needs clear objectives (usually in the form of a rudimentary client provided script), targets, FAQs and Common Objections and Rebuttals, and any additional company collateral to further refine the script.
  • Working with Messaging: In Sun Microsystems case, where a major investment is made in Creative development, TTS will adhere to messaging as defined by Sun Microsystems .
  • Calibration: In some cases, a company is so new that FAQs can only be determined “in action” as calls are made in early stages. TTS campaigns are particularly subject to a “prepare for what may happen, and calibrate”, though TTS experience is drawn on at all times.
  • TTS spends a great deal of consulting time on the front end of any campaign to assimilate as many variables as possible. This process takes place after an initial meeting, or via second and third conference calls. TTS encourages a site visit to demonstrate the screens that agents use. TTS will demonstrate its proprietary application called Scriptor, which is a relational database incorporating the logic flow of the script with fields of capture, and tree based decision processing, resulting in more elegant scripts, workflow and reporting.
  • Outbound Email collateral library: Marketing email  can be launched directly from TTS agent’s desktops to close the loop on a conversation with a prospect. This can prove very useful and is encouraged. TTS needs to set the email up from the database. Scriptor allows for unlimited content collateral libraries. Emails may include links, and file attachments.