Consulting Services for your Inside Sales Team

While we provide outsourced inside sales teams for companies, we also help you examine, evaluate and revamp your Inside Sales team with the following Consulting Services:

  1. Evaluate and Analyze
  2. Scripting and Messaging
  3. Coaching and Training
  4. Hiring
  5. Compensation Packages
  • Evaluation and Analysis of your existing team including productivity, ability to effectively deliver the value proposition and lead quantity / quality.
  • Scripting – we have years of expertise in crafting an effective message for your Inside Sales team to deliver.  How effective is the messaging you are currently using? Can you do better? We develop effective messaging for your Inside Sales team.
  • Coaching and Training – we can teach your Inside Sales team to produce more leads and generate higher quality leads that convert to Sales Qualified leads and are more likely to close.  We will also let you know if an Inside Sales team member is not a good fit.
  • Hiring – we have 30 years of experience hiring.  Our success rate is high. Let us interview and make recommendations for you to hire successful Inside Sales team members.
  • Compensation Packages – we will evaluate your current comp plans and make recommendations so your Inside Sales teams are highly motivated.

Our Consulting Services show immediate results, upon implementation, within a week or two.

Contact us to learn more or start the Sales Team Consulting Services today.