Campaign Design

Project Approach

TTS has vast experience in creating and delivering custom approaches for businesses in each of its target marketplaces. Experience notwithstanding, every TTS project is viewed and approached as a unique event. Daily contact with the client communicates and updates our findings. Successful and unsuccessful areas of the project are presented for discussion, trouble-shooting, adjustment and quick resolution.

New solutions can quickly be implemented with this dynamic and flexible management style. Adaptability, availability and anticipation are the fundamentals of TTS project planning. Project outset meetings are held between managers on both the TTS and client side in order to reach the following pre-production goals:

  • introduce clients to the TTS management team in charge of their project
  • understand and agree upon the goals and scope of the project
  • identify target contacts within the businesses to be canvassed
  • determine script directions
  • determine appropriate call dispositions
  • determine training requirements
  • determine staff requirements
  • transfer data in acceptable formats
  • determine database requirements
  • determine reporting needs and parameters
  • approve final script / final database design