Lead Generation in the Time of COVID

Successful lead generation in the midst of a global pandemic presents unprecedented challenges. In order to rise to these challenges, marketers must be mindful of the fact that what worked in the past may no longer work due to a shift in buying behaviors and patterns. There are ways, however, to customize lead generation strategies in these uncertain times.

What Makes a Great Appointment Setter

A great appointment setter is critical to the success of a business. Unfortunately, not every person is adept at this important task.

How to Meet the Challenges of Appointment Setting

Anyone who has experienced the challenges of appointment setting can tell you it is a difficult endeavor. Nonetheless, it is a necessary one if you want to build the type of sales funnel that will allow your business to be successful.

How a Consultant Can Elevate Your Sales Team

Hiring a sales consultant for your company can make good financial sense and help elevate your sales. Such consultants can help implement a more effective sales strategy, strengthen morale and increase sales conversions. However, hiring the wrong sales consultant can actually do more harm than good.