The Importance of Having Real Conversations with Customers and Prospects

With all the technology available today, there are countless ways to interact with customers and prospects. The truth is, however, that communicating one-on-one over the phone still remains the most efficient and impactful. Research has also shown that when people are looking for quick answers or to make a major purchase they prefer to talk to a real person.

A Radical Approach to Customer Feedback: Talk to Your Customers

So much of our lives are spent in front of screens now that we often forget that the quickest way to get an answer sometimes is to pick up the phone. 

4 Simple Ways to Communicate Better With Your Customers

Phone calls may feel like an outdated way to communicate, but the fact is that phones calls are still the primary channel for customer communications.

How I Conquered My Fear of Phone Calls (and You Can Too)

Many people avoid talking to customers, prospects or anyone else on the phone because they don’t consider themselves “phone people.” In other words, they are afraid.


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