Customer Service Representatives Stretched Thin Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Calls to customer service lines are on the rise. From frequent flyers wanting a refund on a plane ticket to consumers wondering where their package is, more and more people are calling for help. On the other end of the line are customer service reps dealing with calls that never seem to let up.

An article on, It Can be Stressful to be a Customer-Service Rep Right Now, talks about the long hours many customer service reps are working during the coronavirus pandemic. Further, most of them are working from home with little support. This is not an ideal situation
given the fact that companies’ reputations are on the line.

As the article states, “The quality of customer service can have a lasting impact, and refunds or cancellation policies might not be enough to keep people happy. Customers want to get a real person when they call, and less of that hold music.”

If call volume or the quality of customer service reps is an issue, the best option for companies is to outsource. Outsourcing with a quality telemarketing firm in times like these is critical to the long-term success of a company. If a customer can get through without long wait times and is met with a sympathetic and professional operator, this will build brand loyalty that is sure to outlast the current crisis.


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