Clean Data is the Key to Email Marketing Success

The most effective way to improve the deliverability and engagement of any email campaign is by making sure that you have clean data. This is especially important when you consider that 20% of all emails sent by companies fail to reach the inbox of the intended recipient.

If your list isn’t not up-to-date or has errors, your personalized messaging will suffer, as well. Further, since email service providers are constantly changing algorithms to determine if an email will be delivered, bad data will have a negative impact on whether your email reaches the intended recipient in the first place.

After all these hurdles have been cleared, you still must consider the calculation of open and click rates, whether recipients have unsubscribed, or if an account is active. 

If you are not sure where to start when it comes to cleaning your email list, Tactical Telesolutions has some suggestions. Here are the five most important practices you should be employing when it comes scrubbing your email data:

  1. Strategically identify and remove inactive customers. While it is a common practice to remove customers who haven’t opened or clicked on their emails in a long time, sending a final email letting them know they are being removed from your list may help save a few. While a carefully pruned email list will result in higher deliverability rates, previously active customers are not something to discard of without a great deal of consideration. 
  2. Segment rather than delete. Move previously active customers to a less frequent email recipient list.  You should also consider adding in an enticing offer or content that is relevant to them.
  3. Avoid the spam filter. Once a subscriber has opted in to receive emails make sure to avoid subject lines with all capital letters or other signs of spam. This includes things like exclamation marks or the words “click here.”
  4. Purchase email lists only from trusted sources. When working with a list provider, do your due diligence to make sure that they are reputable. Your list provider should be a partner that you can work with to ensure all data is customized to your target audience, up-to-date and accurate.
  5. Know when to ask for help. If cleaning your email list seems like an insurmountable task to take on in-house, there are plenty of quality providers that can help you do this. This goes for all types of list scrubbing including call or direct mail lists.

There is nothing more important than clean data when it comes to the success of a marketing campaign. In an age when data is everything, those with the most up-to-date data will have the best marketing ROI. Further, clean data does more than get your message across to customers and prospects, it helps you understand what those individuals and businesses want from your company.

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