B2B Trade Shows are Back in Business

Man and Woman Sharing Information Leaflet over Exhibition StandB2B Trade Shows are Back in Business

Many B2B marketers pivoted to virtual events when the pandemic hit to keep connections with customers and prospects intact. While hybrid events may still occur, the business trade show seems poised to stage a comeback.

Grab Your Lanyard. Trade Shows Are Plotting a Comeback

The $11 billion industry is slowly coming back to life after a lost year. Are potential attendees ready to crowd into expo halls and hotel bars with strangers again?

The Future of Trade Shows: 5 Event Trends to Expect in 2021

The live event and trade show industry is preparing for a strong comeback in 2021 and exhibitors need to be prepared to make the most of it. 

Trade Show Planning After COVID-19: Safe Activities for In-Person Events

In-person trade show events are beginning to resume around the world. As they do, marketers are finding new ways to attract and engage prospects safely.