Why B2B Appointment Setting is Worth the Effort

B2B appointment setting is critical to a company’s ability to generate quality leads, close deals faster and boost ROI. That’s why appointment setters needed to be skilled at reaching decision makers and building the type of rapport that leads to face-to-face meetings with salespeople.

It is important to distinguish between B2B and B2C when it comes to appointment setting. B2B is a lengthier, more complex process than B2C. Further, with B2B appointment setting, the person who makes buying decisions is much harder to get in touch with. Finally, the goal is not to make a quick sale but to build a relationship.

Getting corporate decision makers to agree to an appointment takes grit and determination. Appointment setters must be persuasive and interact with decision makers on a deeper level.  They also must be patient since the process can take a great deal of time.

Many companies have given up on B2B appointment setting because they feel it is too demanding. This is unfortunate because when done correctly the ROI on B2B appointment setting calls can be tremendous. Here are some tips to make sure you are doing it right:

    1. Be prepared. Before you make the call, do your research. Learn all you can about the company, its needs and pain points. No decision maker is going to agree to a meeting just because you sound nice on the phone. You must get their attention and offer something of value.
    2. Make a good first impression. Remember to always ask if you’re interrupting the person. Acknowledge their busy schedule and thank them for setting aside the time to talk to you. Be sure to carefully measure your words and do your best to grab prospect’s attention and get your message across in the narrow time slot you have. Remember that when it comes to B2B appointment setting, you aren’t selling a product. You are generating enough interest for a face-to-face meeting.
    3. Show a genuine interest in the prospect. Listen attentively, don’t interrupt and match their tone. Be clear and concise, without redundant phrases. It shows you know your stuff and you appreciate their time.
    4. Be flexible. The best appointment setters are quick on their feet. They are also flexible, able to improvise and deviate from the script when necessary.
  • Toughen up. Prospects aren’t always willing to talk at first and rejection is common. Therefore, a thick skin and persistence are key traits for appointment setters. The best appointment setters do what must be done to set up that meeting.

A common misconception is that great salespeople should be able to set appointments. In fact, often appointment setters aren’t salespeople at all, but they are able to make salespeople shine. If you don’t feel that you have the resources to invest in a team of appointment setters, then outsourcing is probably your best choice since compromising on the quality of appointment setters is always a mistake – and a costly one at that.


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