How to Re-engage with Prospects without Seeming Desperate

How to Reengage with Prospects without Seeming Desperate

What happens when a hot prospect goes cold? The worst thing that can happen is you get desperate and the prospect knows it.

Remember, customers often make purchase decisions based on how they feel about the person doing the selling. Confidence and trustworthiness make them want to do business with you. Desperation makes them want to run.

In its article, Are You a Desperate Salesperson, Sales Hacker lists some of the ways you may be coming off as desperate. These include:

  • Excessively calling
  • Begging for the sale
  • Talking too much
  • Mind-boggling flexibility
  • Rushing the sales cycle

While you want to make sales, doing so shouldn’t include begging, issuing false ultimatums or rushing prospects to make a decision. Instead, master your craft, perfect your pitch, and channel your drive to genuinely help customers and make them realize the value of what you are offering.

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