Turn Old Leads into New Business

Re-energizing a cold list is tough. However, it is almost always worth the effort. Every company has lists of prospects that their reps haven’t touched in a while, but which are likely to hold to some good prospects.

San Francisco Health Network, San Francisco Health Plan, and Tactical Telesolutions Partner to deliver COVID-19 Vaccines

SFHP partnered with a Bay Area vendor, Tactical Telesolutions, Inc. (TTS), to provide a multi-lingual call center. SFHP and TTS were able to recruit and train the call center staff in under three weeks to provide the much-needed support to the SFHN network for COVID-19 vaccinations.

How Cross-Selling Increases Profits and Decreases Costs at the Same Time

One of the most effective ways to grow a business is by selling more products or services to current clients. They know you, so the cost of cross-selling an existing client is much lower than acquiring new business. You also can expect a much higher response rate because you’ve already established a relationship with them. And since they already understand and buy into the value you offer, it’s a much shorter sales cycle!

Cross-Selling Best Practices

Times are tough and sales are hard to come by. Cross-selling is a great way to increase sales without pouring a lot of money into customer acquisition.

To benefit from cross-selling, you must do it right. An article from Business 2 Community, What is Cross-Selling and How Does it Increase Customer Spending?, lists some of the best practices for cross-selling: