Gatekeepers, Appointment Setters and What They Have in Common

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Ask any appointment setter and they will tell you that the biggest obstacle when it comes to connecting with decision makers is a dedicated and hardworking gatekeeper. Despite the angst these individuals can cause, it is important to keep in mind that gatekeepers are just trying to do their job – just like appointment setters are trying to do theirs.


The 7 Strategies for Getting Past Gatekeepers

The better you treat the people near a decision maker, the closer you are to unlocking the door of that decision maker.


5 Proven Ways to Disarm the Gatekeeper

In sales, gatekeepers are like riddles and it’s their job to prevent you from getting to the decision-maker. They’ll make it hard, but once you crack their code, the doors will open.


How to Get Past the Gate Keeper (A Guide to Getting Contact with Decision Makers)

Before you know how to get past a gate keeper, it is critical that you know exactly what a gatekeeper is.


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